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Pure Italian Pasta

“La Molisana’s total commitment to the wheat seed represents a gratitude for nature, and the extraordinary Italian countryside that provides the world with the satisfying simplicity of delicious pasta.”

La Molisana pasta was formed in 1912 by the Corlone Family in the region of Molise, a mountainous territory along the Adriatic Sea. At the core of the family business was a dedication to “goodness” - that every ingredient included in La Molisana pasta should be of the highest quality. This belief has helped guide the company from its early inception to modern times.  In 2011, the Ferro Group - a century old Italian milling family - acquired La Molisana. Under their guidance, and in line with the ideals of purity, La Molisana moved from just a producer of pasta to a company that controlled 100% of the supply chain from the corn to the table. This unique position allows La Molisana to ensure every package of its pasta is quality controlled to provide the unmatchable fresh taste of the Italy. Today, La Molisana is the 5th largest pasta producer in Italy, and is known throughout the industry as a beacon of purity.

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“Good things are always simple. This is the secret to a successful company”.


Since 1890, Divella has been a producer of durum wheat; a history that began when Francesco Divella opened his first mill for grinding grain in Rutigliano, a small agricultural town near Bari. Now in its fourth generation, the hard work of many people has paid off. Divella sits at a cornerstone of the Italian food sector with three factories employing 280 people. With a simple mission that places quality control, consumer health, and respect for the environment first, and with a production process that combines carefully selected raw materials with modern technology, the family owned Divella company continues to pass on the Apulian traditions of pasta making to the world from its home in Italy.

“The most precious moments are the ones we can dedicate to what we really love. Like a good plate of pasta”.


Di Martino Pasta is a family owned company that has operated in the South of Italy since 1912. Their production facility is situated in Gragnano, along the marvelous Sorrento Coast, where the gentle sea breeze and mild climate create the perfect conditions to make Italian pasta. True to tradition, the Di Martino family still uses the ancient Gragnano method of slow bronze die extrusion to dry their pasta at a low temperature. Mixed with the best Italian raw materials, and the purest spring water, their patient process ensures that the rich flavors of their pasta are preserved from their family farm to your dinner table. With over one hundred years of experience in the pasta industry, Di Martino's dedication to research, craftsmanship, and respect for the Italian tradition of pasta is second to none. Today, the Di Martino company produces 8 million portions of pasta everyday, and exports the authentic Italian produce to over 32 countries around the world. 

When you share a dish of pasta, you bring more than just an age-old tradition to the family table. Pasta is a source of warmth, happiness, and eating it together unites us all. It encourages us to share experiences and ideas, and allows cooks to express their creativity, hospitality, and friendship.


Pasta comes in many interesting shapes, and can be accompanied by any type of sauce. From traditional to bold, the depth of pasta allows any meal to be turned into a work of art. Pasta is synonymous with the Mediterranean Diet, which is known and appreciated throughout the world. Thanks to its versatility, however, pasta is also a global food that can be adapted to the local setting, tradition, culture and cuisine of any people. The number of recipes that can be made with pasta, ranging from simple to elaborate, is countless and suitable for all ages, tastes, lifestyles and diets, including vegetarian and vegan.


With simple ingredients that create nutritional qualities, long shelf life, versatility of use, ease of preparation, affordability, and wholesomeness, pasta is the perfect blend of taste and healthiness. Pasta is the quintessential “good” food that satisfies all palates with its countless array of possible combinations.

Pure Italian Pasta is produced by high quality Italian companies whose brands:


  • Are 100% Family owned.


  • Develop 100% premium Italian products.


  • Share a long history of excellence and passion.

Benefits of Pure Italian Pasta: 

  • High quality, fresh tasting Pasta


  • Centuries of product development and a long tradition of exquisite products that are superior to anything outside of Italy.

Below are Italian brands that are part of the Pure Italian American campaign. Each company is unique in its story, but all share a common connection to the rich history of Italian pasta.

Pasta Italia

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