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“La Molisana’s total commitment to the wheat seed represents a gratitude for nature, and the extraordinary Italian countryside that provides the world with the satisfying simplicity of delicious pasta.”

La Molisana.  100% authentic Italian Tailor Made pasta. 


La Molisana is a family business. With a history spanning over 100 years and four generations at work, the Ferro family is a milling dynasty. Strong and longstandingthe enterprise has been successfully managed by the members of the family who have been passing on their knowledge from father to son playing key roles in the company.  We stand out for the high technical expertise, promptness in seizing growth opportunities in the markets and for the overall vision necessary to never compromise the true success factors such as quality, ethics and commitment to value.

La Molisana is 100% authentic Italian Tailor Made pasta. Due to the control over the whole production process they offer a bronze die pasta, of impeccable execution, made by finest durum wheat, exclusively selected and milled in our Mill. Nestled at 710m on sea level, La Molisana is the highest pasta factory of Middle-South Italy, operating in an unpolluted mountain environment, rich in uncontaminated

water springs. Thanks to natural filtration of Matese Mountains the rain water returns with a low dry residue, extremely light and perfect for kids nutrition. This pure ingredient is a crucial element to knead its semolina and obtain the safe and nutritious

pasta La Molisana.

Since 1910 in the company mill, one of most modern plants in Europe, they purify raw materials gently and accurately through milling stones. A traditional process supported by updated technologies to extract only the heart of grain which is rich in flavor and


To fulfills consumer expectations of tenacity and ability to capture sauces its whole assortment is bronze die extruded, because this process provides a rough, "al dente" texture and represents the signature of superior quality and genuine Made in Italy.

A testament to La Molisana's quality products is evidenced by their control of the production chain.  La Molisana controls the entire production chain from the wheat's development all the way to when it arrives at your doorstep...  

The Secret To La Molisana's Success?

La Molisana's success can be largely attributed to their unique formula, which combines high quality raw materials, with robust industrials assets and centuries worth of know-how.  This combined formula is used to create high quality flavorful pasta, which is truly unique.  

U.S. Chains that Carry La Molisana Products

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