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Dolce Italia

"A name so sweet it will never change. Panarello".

The history of Panarello starts in Genoa back in 1885 when Francesco Panarello opened a small confectionery bakery. Through a patient dedication to perfect Dolce, Francesco developed his simple shop into a sweet story of Italian confectionery that has lasted for over a century. In the 1970’s Panarello expanded to shops and retail distribution, and today the brand exists as a modern and dynamic company that stands as a symbol of tradition in Liguria and Milan. From the selection of raw materials to the production process, Panarello retains a commitment to quality investing research and development into each new Dolce product in order to meet the high standards that consumers have enjoyed for over one hundred years. The respect to tradition, and dedication to excellence is embedded in the Panarello name, which is synonymous with a trusted brand in the Italian artisanal confectionery industry.  

“Good things are always simple. This is our secret to a successful company”.


Divella began as a producer of durum wheat, but now in its fourth generation the company creates much more. With three factories employing 280 people, Divella has applied its original mission that emphasized quality control, consumer health, and respect to the environment to the Italian Dolce. With a production process that combines carefully selected raw materials with modern technology, the Divella family creates simple, savory, and perfectly prepared Dolce the traditional Italian way.

Pure Italian Confectionery

The best way to close any meal is with a delicious sweet. It marks the end of a great night, enveloping everyone around the table in a rich flavor that can only be summed up with a smile. We all share a love for something sweet. Over the centuries, every region, every city, and even the smallest villages of Italy have added to the countries fabled confectionery palette with their own recipes. Derived from a rich history of tradition, Italian sweets share a common use of natural, genuine ingredients sourced locally from the country. That is why today, Italian confectionery is still recognized by nutritionists worldwide as one of the healthiest forms of sweets. .


With no artificial coloring or preservatives, Italian Dolce only uses simple ingredients to create rich textures and flavors that satisfy sweet cravings without sacrificing nutrition. Italian Dolce is the perfect after meal delight, best served with a cup of coffee or sweet wine. 

Pure Italian Dolce is produced by high quality Italian companies whose brands:


  • Are 100% Family owned.


  • Develop 100% premium Italian products.


  • Share a long history of excellence and passion. 

Benefits of Pure Italian Dolce: 

  • High quality, fresh tasting dolce.


  • Centuries of product development and a long tradition of exquisite products that are superior to anything outside of Italy.

Below are brands certified by Dolce Italia offering a wide range of sweets that can commence or complete any meal, and offer everyone around the table a warm smile to remember. 


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