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pastifici Via Roma Gragnano

“The most precious moments are the ones we can dedicate to what we really love. Like a good plate of pasta”.


Di Martino Pasta is a family owned company that has operated in the South of Italy since 1912. Their production facility is situated in Gragnano, along the marvelous Sorrento Coast, where the gentle sea breeze and mild climate create the perfect conditions to make Italian pasta. Faithful to tradition, the Di Martino family still uses the ancient Gragnano method of slow bronze die extrusion to dry their pasta at a low temperature. 


Mixed with the best Italian raw materials, and the purest spring water, their patient process ensures that the rich flavors of their pasta are preserved from their family farm to your dinner table. With over one hundred years of experience in the pasta industry, Di Martino's dedication to research, craftsmanship, and respect for the Italian tradition of pasta is second to none. Today, the Di Martino company produces 8 million portions of pasta everyday, and exports the authentic Italian product to over 32 countries around the world. 

Why Di Martino?

Di Martino pasta is made with the best Italian durum wheat semolina.  Di Martino's raw materials are carefully selected from Italian fields and brought to your table for dishes of all flavors and tastes.  Containing 14% protein, which is 40% more resistant to cooking, and highly digestible, Di Martino pasta is designed with quality and health in mind.

U.S. Chains That Carry Di Martino


Spaghetti, spaghettini, linguine, fresine, gnocchi sardi, elbow macaroni, penne rigate, tortiglioni, mezzi rigatoni, lasagne, elicoidali , tofette, farfalle,  rigatoni, tagliatelle.


Whole Foods, Shaws, Mr. Green

Spaghetti, spaghettini, linguine, fresine, gnocchi sardi, elbow macaroni, Penne Mezzani Rigate, tortiglioni, mezzi rigatoni, lasagne, elicoidali, tofette, farfalle,  rigatoni, tagliatelle, lumaconi, pennoni, fusilli corti col buco, fusillata casareccia.


Trofie, maccheroncini al pettine.

Gragnano was the place!

Di Martino's production site is situated in Gragnano at the beginning of the marvelous Sorrento Coast.  This ancient town is surrounded by Lattari Mountains on the sea.  Here the sea breeze and the mild climate conditions make this place perfect for the pasta production.  Because of its over five hundred years of history in the production of high quality durum wheat pasta, Gragnano is worldwide known as the European Capital of Pasta.

Advantages and Benefits of Bronze die Extruded Pasta

The slow extrusion of the dough through a bronze die gives to our P.G.I. Gragnano pasta a very rough surface that allows to hold the sauces and keep all the tasty flavors that remember the fresh wheat, ensuring a bond between the pasta and its sauce.

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