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Since 1885


"A name so sweet it will never change. Panarello".

The history of Panarello starts in Genoa back in 1885 when Francesco Panarello opened a small confectionery bakery. Through a patient dedication to perfect Dolce, Francesco developed his simple shop into a sweet story of Italian confectionery that has lasted for over a century.


In the 1970’s Panarello expanded to shops and retail distribution, and today the brand exists as a modern and dynamic company that stands as a symbol of tradition in Liguria and Milan. From the selection of raw materials to the production process, Panarello retains a commitment to quality investing research and development into each new Dolce product in order to meet the high standards that consumers have enjoyed for over one hundred years.  Respect to tradition and dedication to excellence is embedded in the Panarello name, which is synonymous with a trusted brand in the Italian artisanal confectionery industry.  

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