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The Genoese Pandolce has always been a must on the table of every gourmet. Its fragrance is the secret of centuries-old experience which has its origins in the old workshop of Francesco Panarello. 

Still today we dedicate the same care as an artisan confectioner in the selection and processing of ingredients. Indeed, processing takes at least 24 hours and we only use natural yeast.

The candied fruit is purchased by us, carefully selecting only the best (the citron comes from Diamante, the Calabrian town famous for its citrus groves). To best amalgamate our cake masterpiece we cut the candied fruit with a valuable artisan machine.

Serving Suggestions:

Because they are so light and easy to digest, Pandolce are great for breakfast.
Dunk slices in milk, coffee or hot chocolate, or eat a couple during your coffee break. Also, because they are so soft and they soak up liquid, they are ideal in desserts.

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