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Spaghetto Quadrato n.1 with artichokes and parmesan cheese

Cook Time



  • Spaghetto Quadrato n.1 La Molisana   100g

  • Extra virgin olive oil   10g

  • Garlic   5g

  • Egg   n.1

  • Artichokes   100g

  • Semi-skimmed milk   30g

  • Parmesan cheese   5g

  • Salt and pepper   to taste


Step 1:

Carefully clean the artichokes and slice. Sauté the garlic clove and artichokes in a skillet with hot oil, add salt for taste and cook over high heat for several minutes. 

Step 2:

Lower the heat, add a little bit of water, cover and cook for about 10 more minutes.

Meanwhile, beat the egg with the milk, cheese, and a pinch of pepper.

Step 3:

In boiling salted water cook the pasta, drain "al dente" and pour into the skillet. Add a little bit of the cooking water, heat and then add the egg mixture. Toss over medium heat until the eggs are firm.  Then Serve.

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