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This delicious medieval Tuscan cake, a speciality of the area around Siena, is made from candied fruits (especially oranges and lemons), with almonds and honey, sprinkled with icing sugar or coated in a fine layer of chocolate. According to a recipe of the XVIII century, fifteen were the ingredients of panforte, besides the two essential ones, water and re: honey, sugar, our, nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, candied melon, candied citron-peel, candied orange, candied lemon-peel, cinnamon, bark, corianders, aromatic pepper, cloves. Fruits were treated in a kind of honey sauce where they fermented, swelling because of the sugary liquor.

Serving Suggestions:

Panforte is a perfect treat at the end of a meal, served with a glass of Vinsanto, a sweet, fortified Tuscan wine.

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