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Paccheri with saffron from Enna, filled with ricotta, violet artichokes and tomatoes with aromatic herbs

Cook Time


Ingredients for 4 people

24 paccheri Di Martino (large pasta tubes)
4 stewed artichokes to garnish

200 g thick artichoke puree

200 g fresh sheep’s ricotta

40 grams d.o.p. “Ragusa” cheese
4 medium sized round smooth tomatoes

50 grams spring onions

Unpeeled garlic as required

Saffron as required basil as required

Chervil as required

Thyme as required marjoram as required

Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste


Step 1:

Cook the Paccheri in plenty of salted water. In the meantime mix the thick puree of artichokes with the ricotta, add in the Ragusa cheese to balance the taste of the salt and pepper.

Step 2:

Peel the tomatoes and cut out a concassé, sweat in the pan with garlic and oil, adjusting for salt and pepper. At the same time, soften the onions in a pan with the oil.

Step 3:

Drain the paccheri al dente and pour them into the onion pan. At this point, reheat the ricotta filling and place the artichokes in the microwave.  Then stuff the paccheri.

Step 4:

Arrange the pasta on a serving plate and decorate the with the tomatoes, stewed artichokes and aromatic herbs.

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