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AIDEPI is a benchmark for Italy, Pure Italian is an ambassador for the World

The Italian Association of Confectionery and Pasta Industries (AIDEPI) is the first Italian food industry group to represent and protect high quality, authentic Italian pasta and confectionery brands in Italy. With six product categories represented by a single acronym, the AIDEPI name speaks directly to the organizations role as a benchmark for Italian food brands. 

Pure Italian represents authentic Italian pasta and confectionery brands in the United States. Encompassing pasta brands and confectionery brands, Pure Italian is a space for American consumers to understand the rich history behind these family owned and operated businesses, the beauty and simplicity of their pasta and sweets, and the traditional and modern ways people all over the world are enjoying true Italian food. 

America has always had a deep love for Italian food. As the countries demand for authentic pasta and confectionery products continued to rise, AIDEPI wanted to ensure that authentic Italian pasta and confectionery brands entering the U.S. market would not be confused with replicant pasta and sweets that falsely market themselves as "Italian". To help American consumers identify true Italian produce, AIDEPI launched Pure Italian as an ambassador for the world.

Representing the culture for taste of Italian tradition, the Pure Italian campaign by AIDEPI has three main goals: 

1. To unify authentic pasta and confectionery brands across Italy.

2. To protect these authentic Italian brands from foreign replicants.

3. To help share these authentic Italian brands with the U.S. market.

Representing 80% of the Italian confectionery and pasta market, AIDEPI embodies the true taste of Italian tradition. With a membership of world-wide brands as well as small and medium enterprises, AIDEPI is the global benchmark of Italian produce in the food sector. 

The AIDEPI Association in figures:

  • 130 members.

  • 80% of the Italian confectionery and pasta market.

  • € 18.6 billion euros turnover (14% share of the Italian food Turnover).

  • € 5.8 billion euros and exports (20% share of the Italian food export).

The six national product categories AIDEPI proudly protects:

  1. Pasta

  2. Breakfast Cereal

  3. Chocolate and cocoa-based products

  4. Ice creams

  5. Sugar confectionery

  6. Biscuits and other fine bakery products​

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